In case you need some answers, some FAQ's

Who are you?

Hey, my name is Mike Burdo.  I live in St. Albans, Vermont.  I'm just a guy that is trying to sell you some awesome T-Shirts.  I'm just a simple guy trying to expand my hobby.

How do I know if you ship to my location, and how much is it gonna cost me?

That's a pretty good question.  You don't want to be looking at our products if we don't ship to you, right?  To answer this question I'm gonna hand it over to our fulfillment company's shipping page.  Just enter your information and you'll get a full rundown.

What if I don't like what I got, can you tell me  the return policy?

I sure can, it's actually a pretty sweet policy.  Our fulfillment company, Spreadshirt's, return policy is if you don't like your product, just return it within 30 days for a full refund, coupon, or exchange.  For more details, click HERE to be redirected to Spreadshirts return policy 

I can't find the size charts, how am I supposed to see if the shirt will fit?

Great question, thanks for asking.  So each individual product has size chart at the bottom of the page.

How the heck do I add a coupon code to my order?  I.  DON'T.  SEE.  IT.  ANYWHERE.

Wow, you guys are full of great questions.  We see how it can be overlooked, the entering of the coupon code is at the checkout section.  See the picture below for a better visual.

I require a slightly larger garment.  Might you stock sizes appropriate for a person of my size?

Why yes, yes we do, we have sizes up to 5XL.  The trick to this is when your on the design you want, you have to click "Do you want to edit the design?"  This opens the designer function.  From there follow the steps below. Over to the left you'll see a button that says "Choose a product", click it. Choose Men, Women, etc... Click on "Big & Tall". Now choose the garment you would like. Select the color you would prefer and click "Select". If the design has a 'red' dotted line around it, you will have to adjust the size slightly til the dotted line isn't red anymore.

I love your designs, is there anyway I can be notified when a new design comes out?

Aww, that's so nice, I love that you love my designs and want to stay updated.  We are on the major social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.  We post all our newest designs as we launch them.  Just follow us on one of these and you'll be all set.

I tried to make something in the designer, but the price is $999,999, that's a bit out of my price range. Why so much?

  • Oh, that's a bug. To the best of my knowledge it happens when my fulfillment company is out of stock or has discontinued a product, but for some reason it still appears in their customizing software. When that happens it appears absurdly overpriced to prevent people from accidentally ordering something out of stock. Not sure if its ever gonna get fixed.

Do you plan on making tons of money selling T-shirts?

Oh I don't know, only time will tell.  Right now I just love making the designs and learning along the way.  If t-shirts sell that's great.  It would be nice to one day be out and see someone wearing one of my designs.